Cholesterol Problems

At Sleep & Cardiovascular Health, we treat a wide variety of cholesterol and diabetic related issues. To schedule an evaluation, call us at (251) 278-6022.

wooden letters TGL on table with vials of blood rubber gloves and stethoscope

Elevated Triglycerides

This can be caused by a genetic disorder, prediabetes, eating carbs with high glycemic index, or some medications can elevate triglycerides

statin medication and cholesterol test results on table with stethoscope

Statin Intolerance

This can be caused by low vitamin D levels, poor hydration, thyroid disorders, choice of statin, or several other issues we can evaluate.

salmon garlic oil and vegetables on table with diabetic tester and insulin needles

Pre-Diabetes and Diabetes

We work with proper diet and exercise programs and up-to-date medications to improve your A1C.

closeup CGI image of microscopic brightly colored cell or lipid

Advance Lipid Testing

Measurements of ApoB can help identify your LDL particle size which determines its ability to make more plaque. Lp(a) helps identify patients at higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

CGI Image of brightly colored microscopic cells against a black background

Inflammatory Markers

Using Cleveland Heart Lab panel of these markers can further help us identify further risk factors of cardiovascular disease.

CGI image of brightly colored microscopic cells and DNA strand against a black background

Testing for Genetic Disorders of Cholesterol Metabolism

When necessary, these tests help identify the cause of your disorder.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms and would like assistance, please call us today to make an appointment.